Package Name: Glass Igloo In Finland: Make your Dream come true staying in a dreamland.

We all dream of romantic nights under beautiful colorful sky which could be ones life time experience. Travelsntrips makes it easy and affordable for everyone and do it in style. Glass igloos in Finland are the best to fulfill your such dreams. The crystal clear view of the blue sky, glittering with numerous stars, unmarred by any pollution, while one is lying in their bed under cozy blanket glazing the colorful sky. And the whole experience becomes eternal as whole area around igloo is covered with white snow.

Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland is the perfect Igloo Village.
The Igloo Village of Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland makes one adventure trip so wonderful making it completely romantic and adventurous veining the stunning views of sky while dreaming in snow wild. The Village hotel boasts of 20 glass igloos, which are thermally charged to optimize the outside temperature, which is as low as -30 degree Celsius. The fascinating views of twinkling stars can be really enjoyed as roof glasses of igloo are specially built to avoid frosting. One could be very lucky to enjoy northern lights between anytime of August to April.

The rooms inside the Igloo are very comfortable for two person as they are well heated by thermally insulted walls in-spite of frosting cold outside.

Even though there is no guarantee of Northern Lights, the hotel stills keeps a track of the weather and chimes a central bell to give the tourists a heads up of the natural wonder, if there is any chance of its occurrence.

From October to May is the best time to visit Finland to see marvelous glass igloos even though hotels operates round the year. There are many activities one can enjoy during this period like snowmobile safari, icebreaker Sampo, Skiing, Ice fishing, Sleigh Riding etc and occurrence of northern lights are even quite high.

Snow Igloos and Log Cabin Accommodations

Kakslauttanen Resort are very charismatic with varieties of Snow Igloo, Log Cabin, Kelo-Glass Igloo, Queen Suite, Gold Digger’s Cabin, Santa’s Home, Traditional House Cabin, and Sivakka – The family cabin. Enjoying Igloo village and such resorts as wonder stay gives tourist a life time experience.

Activities at the Kakslauttanen Resort

Snowmobile Safari – Enjoy the best sceneries of the Mother Nature on these loudest, fastest, and most-adrenaline-filled ride. Tourists enjoy coffee breaks and lunch prepared at open fire over snow. Night safaris are also available for night lovers and who wants to enjoy such ride under stars.

Icebreaker Sampo – Another most popular attraction for tourists is icebreaker cruise ship. One has to dressed in dry suit and take a dip in icy bay of Bothnia while taking long day trip through the city.

Skiing and snowboarding – Two of the best ski fells of Finland are just 15 minutes’ drive from the resort.

Ice Fishing – Ice fishing in Finland is an luxury and brings freshness in the tour. Local guide will help you to find fishing spots and show how to empty winter nets.

Aurora Hunting – A nocturnal adventure in the wilderness, wherein you can chase the phenomenal Aurora, or Northern Lights as they are popularly known.

Horse-riding and Sleigh-riding – Enjoy having fun ride on one -horse open sleigh while musing ‘Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. That’s why vacation cannot be fully enjoyed with out experiencing the sleigh ride. Also give a try to thrilling adventure sport of winter horse back riding in such an exclusive sight.

Husky Safari and Reindeer Safari – Steering huskies through the white expanses of snow gives one a royal feeling. Going back to old times and living like old kings for few moments can be felt while enjoying reindeer safari.

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