Package Name: Santorini, Greece – the ancient Thera and its link to the lost world..Atlantis

Santorini Island in Greece is one of the world’s most beautiful islands comprising of Thera, Aspronisi,Therasia, Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni islands, in the Aegean sea. The whole complex of Santorini islands is an active volcano and probably the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea. This Crescent shaped group of Islands was once a single island, the island which was called Thera. The site had been the seat of intense volcanic activity for about 20,000 years. A huge volcanic eruption, the largest in recorded history, occurred in Thera about 3,600 years ago which created a huge crater in the middle of the single island and resulted in the present caldera, an underwater crater. It is a giant central, rectangular lagoon, which measures about 12 by 7 km (7.5 by 4.3 mi), and is surrounded by 300 m (980 ft) high, steep cliffs on three sides. Santorini island is what is left off that single island after the eruption. The eruption also wiped out the Minoan civilization that flourished and was at its peak on the ancient Island of Thera. Excavations at Akrotiri have revealed evidence of a thriving local prehistoric civilization settlement. The disappearance of the lost civilization – Atlantis- also has found link with this volcanic eruption on Thera.
The description of Atlantis, a highly evolved civilization was given by the Ancient Greek philosopher Plato in two of his dialogues, Kritias and Timaeus. (427-347 BC). According to Plato, the high-standing, flourishing civilization with divine origins lived on an island or a small continent outside the columns of Hercules (mostly interpreted as the Straits of Gibraltar). They were of a divine nature, full of virtues and lived in peace and harmony. It was a prosperous and mighty civilization. However with time, they got corrupted as the “human nature” caught up with them. They started to fight wars and tried to subdue the world. When their exploitation reached an unbearable limit, Nature destroyed the civilization over a single day and night, by earthquakes, and it sank into the sea without a trace, leaving only a mass of mud behind! There are a number of clues in Plato’s story that suggest the plausibility of the Thera eruption to be a likely cause of disappearance of the Atlantis overnight.
Santorini is a must see place in the world.
• It has a fantastic and an ancient history. Akrotíri and Méssa Vounó, are famous archaeological sites
• It is gorgeously beautiful with white washed houses cubist houses lining high cliffs that face the clear blue Aegean sea. Fira is the capital of Satorini and along with Oia , Imerovígli and Firostefáni located high above on a cliff, make up the so-called “Caldera’s eyebrow”, the balcony of Santorini, which offers an amazing view of the volcano.
• Santorini is considered to be the most sought after place for a romantic getaway
in Greece, and it also has a growing reputation for a “Wedding Destination”!
• A visit to Santorini is the ultimate gastronomic experience, as the island is a true culinary paradise! Taste traditional products like cherry tomatoes, white egg plants, fava, caper and “hloró tyrí”, a special kind of fresh goat cheese found on the island. There are also some exceptional wines produced from grapes grown in the volcanic soil! Assyrtiko, Athyri, Aidani, Mantilaria and Mavrotragano are just some of the distinctive varieties that you can taste at the island’s famous wineries (some of them operate as a museum as well) or at restaurants.
• The volcanic beaches of Santorini are made up of red, black and white pebbles made from solidified lava.