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  • italy-1

Bella Italia

Beautiful Italy, that’s how the Italians often call their country- “Bella Italia”. A country so full ofart treasures, trendy fashion, stunn..

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  • sicily

A lasting impression of Sicily….Taormina

Taormina is a quaint, picturesque, small mountain-top town on the east coast of Sicily in Italy, overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Ionia..

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  • tuscany 1

Live the Italian Life….Tuscany!

Tuscany is Nature’s Beauty at its best! It has breathtaking landscapes: green rolling hills, stone farm houses, nostalgic medieval towns, olive..

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  • italy 2

UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Valley of Temples, Agrigento, Sicily

If the Gods of Greece fascinate you then The Valle dei Templi or the Valley of Temples Is your perfect Getaway! The most well preserved ancient ..

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  • lake-como

Wonderland, Italy

Italy is a “jewel” in the European subcontinent. It has beautiful the Alps mountains, a mountainous rugged rocky, indented coastline in the w..

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