Package Name: Weekend Getaway from Mumbai and Pune: Stargazing at Naneghat!

Location: Naneghat, Junnar, Pune.
Naneghat (around 180 kilometres from Thane) is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range near Junnar in Pune. During the reign of the Satavahana, the pass was extensively used as a trade route between Kalyan and Junnar. The location is perfect for Stargazing as there is very less light pollution and air pollution. The Astronomy Club conducts camps here for stargazing at night. They teach you basic star watching techniques, how to spot the constellations and explain the mythology attached to each constellation. You can get lovely photo shots of the Milky Way. You can learn to view Planets, Binary Stars, Star Clusters, Nebulae, Galaxies, etc. through telescope.

For more information you can contact The Amateur Astronomy Club