Package Name: WORLD OF HER OWN..Her Shopping Tour !

She was the girl in red hair,
And extraordinarily pink, pink-dress.
Eyes, mesmerising hazel blue,
One that never spoke of regrets.

She lived in a world of her own,
But not just one, as she would say.
And she was never sure of reality,
Definite reality? Imagination wasted away.

She would rock on the chair,
Smiling uncontrollably,
Staring at the void, you might think,
Eyes glittering, witnessing her world definitely, or maybe.

She narrated the tales of her world,
World, she claimed, never held pretence.
For she won’t ever define you,
Nor she will defy your existence.

Instead she would make you ideal,
One with finest flaws,
Scars that only make you more beautiful,
She would free you from your own claws.

She lived in a world of her own,
Not just one, as she would say.