Package Name: A glimpse into the exciting and nostalgic romance in Paris!

If you want a dreamy, romantic, fun filled, unforgettable time-of-your-life holiday with the love of your life, come to the city of love, Paris. Here, Love is in the air wherever you go!! It permeates through the city and everywhere your glance goes there will be love locked couples lazing around in the manicured gardens, strolling down the streets, or getting intimate in the candlelit wine bars. The opportunities for Romance are endless and it seems as the most natural thing to do here. It is a perfect honeymooning destination!

There are so many things you can do here. We try to give you a little glimpse of the possibilities of this Incredible Romance.

Go up the 324m Eiffel Tower and take in the sweeping panoramic view of the city. It is utterly romantic to get proposed here! After dark the tower sparkles every hour on the hour with 20,000 gold lights.

Wander the elegant covered passageways of the Right Banks Shopping Arcade and indulge in the romantic nostalgia of the 19th century Paris. Explore the antique and second had book shops. If you want a romantic stroll there is no better spot than along the banks of the Canal St. Martin. It is a picturesque canal lined with art galleries and old warehouses converted into trendy lofts. A pizza parlour, by the name Pink Flamingo, gives you a pink balloon  to hold while you sit or laze or walk along on the canal and a delivery boy uses the balloon to locate you and present you with your delicious pizza!

If you want to Tango with your loved one, walk up to the mini amphitheatres along  River Seine where Tango enthusiasts gather and dance until twilight. Or you could grab a bottle of wine, sit on the stairs and watch the couples dance to music. The atmosphere gets magical here.

There is nothing more romantic than sailing down River Seine in a rowing boat. A river cruise at night with dinner and champagne is equally romantic! After the cruise you could go for a night tour of the city of lights!

And how can you miss Moulin Rouge!!! For 120 years, the most legendary cabaret in the world has welcomed millions of spectators who have come to admire the famous shows! Today, the Moulin Rouge’s new show, “Féerie”, continues the tradition. Enjoy 2 hours of an amazing show, 60 artists on stage, feathers, rhinestones, sequins, luxurious sets while you are served a gourmet dinner in a red carpet way! These few clips are a glimpse into the exciting and nostalgic romance in Paris! Go ahead and make your own love story! And, do not forget to give us your wonderful, unique, escapade into the much craved blessing i.e. Love!