Package Name: A lasting impression of Sicily….Taormina

Taormina is a quaint, picturesque, small mountain-top town on the east coast of Sicily in Italy, overlooking the crystal blue waters of the Ionian coastline. It is located on a plateau below Mount Tauro, for which it is named. Taormina has magnificent views of the sea and the most remarkable sight is the one overlooking Sicily’s largest Greek Amphitheatre, with the breathtaking panoramic view of Mount Etna and the sea in the background. Mt Etna is Europe highest active volcano. At night, it is enchanting to gaze at the nocturnal fires as lava flows along the snow-capped slopes of Mt. Etna. The ancient amphitheatre is the most remarkable monument remaining in Taormina and it is also one of Sicily’s most celebrated ruins, on account of both of its remarkable preservation and its beautiful location. This ancient well preserved amphitheatre houses even today dramatic plays and concerts.

Italy’s history lies in the ancient cobblestones of Sicily. Taormina’s Greek splendor, medieval charm and unique views of sea and mountain make the best representation of Sicily’s history and natural beauty. Thousands of years back, Taormina was surrounded by walls to protect it from intrusion. Today, medieval walls still enclose the old town’s stone streets, cobblestone houses and fascinating archaeological monuments. The ancient streets of Taormina are fascinating too. Most of them are too narrow and are closed to traffic. These tiny stone pathways are endless, winding and each with its secret restaurants, cafes, and ice cream bars. This beautiful town grips your attention with 12th century churches and ancient castles perched on hill tops commanding breathtaking views.

With such beauty and history, it is no surprise that Taormina has been a resort town of Sicily since the 1800s. Millions of visitors have been coming here to enjoy not only its culture and historic sites, but its famous beaches as well. With warm weather and sun, Taormina welcomes guest the year round. There is plenty of shopping, dining and wining to explore. There are a number of restaurants that offer seafood, exceptional pizza and other local cuisine. Taormina’s main streets are full of places to buy craft items, especially fashion, jewelry, ceramics, mosaics, puppets and even porcelain dolls. Further, a day’’s excursion to Mt. Etna and to Alcantara Gorges with lava caves and falls is recommended. Taormina can be used as a base to explore Sicily as well. Taormina holds a film festival attracting talent like Hugh Grant and Tom Cruise and concert series each summer!!