Package Name: Bali Tourism

Bali is an Island in Indonesia. It is often referred to as the “island of the Gods”. It is paradise on earth with unspoiled splendid tropical landscapes, dreamy white beaches, coral blue seas, ancient Hindu temples and very friendly local people. It has all the ingredients to make the garden of Eaden.

Bali offers a wide range of holidays for tourists to choose from. Some popular tourist destinations in Bali are as under.
Seminyak is a beach resort area on the southern end of Bali, with abundant luxury hotels, villas and spas, as well as high-end shopping and restaurants, sleek bars and clubs. It has stretches of white sand beaches that offer a lot of surfing opportunities.

Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple is an ancient Hindu Temple perched on a high cliff demanding fantastic ocean view. This temple complex hosts many traditional dances for tourists. The entrance to the temple is through a gateway with a statue of Lord Ganesha and the walls of the temple are carved with Bali’s stories.
Only Hindu worshippers can enter the small inner temple that is built onto the jutting tip of land. However, the views of the endless swells of the Indian Ocean from the cliffs are almost spiritual. At sunset, walk around the clifftop to the left (south) of the temple to lose some of the crowd.

Tanah Lot Temple
Tanah Lot Temple is located on a rock formation off the island of Bali and it offers pilgrimage, general exoticism and plenty of photography.The spectacular location of Tanah Lot is possibly the best known and most photographed temple on Bali. The tourist tours for evening sunset is extremely popular. After about hundred years of abrasion by the sea water the island has got separated from the mainland of Bali
It is the fact that the strong sea abrasion has separated the temple area with Bali mainland, so it looks that the temple nests on a small speck of rock building up on the ocean. Despite the fact that strong hit of sea wave but the site is still standing while the whole sides have disappeared by the raged waves of hundreds of years. There are no historical records of who built the temple. It is dedicated to the God of the sea.

The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary in Ubud
The Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is established on the principle of 3 ways to reach spiritual and physical well-being. This principle is derived from Hinduism and is referred to as “Tri Hita Karana” which means “3 reasons to happiness”. The Forests thus aims at showing people the ways to live harmoniously with other human beings, with the environment or Nature and with the Supreme Truth, or God.
Besides, getting a close view of the monkeys and their habits, the forest offers peace, calm and well being to the visitors. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary (Monkey Forest Ubud) is not just a tourist attraction but is also important in the spiritual and economic life of the local community. The forest also serves as an important spot for research and conservation programs. It conserves rare plants which are used by research laboratories and for ritualistic practices as well. The forest is sacred to the local community and there is also a temple inside the forest, however it is not open to tourists.

Sanur is one of the main beach resort areas on the south coast of Bali. Sanur Beach is a beautiful white sandy beach with calm and warm seawater. It is located in the eastern part of Denpasar Town. Sanur offers lines of shaded trees along the roads, a stretch of beach for sunbathing, a strip of shops for shopping and a variety of restaurants for wining and dining.
It was on the beach of Sanur that the first troops from Netherlands set foot on the island of Bali in 1906. This was also the exact place where the first war occurred between Netherlands against the community of Bali.