Package Name: Bhutan: A Himalayan Getaway, Romantic, Ladies Shopping Delight and Low Budget Value for money holiday!

If you crave for crisp mountain air, if you have a fancy for the pristine Himalayas, if you wish for a relaxing getaway with lots of walking, nature trekking, and high fashion cheap street shopping, you cannot miss Bhutan, the Himalayan Kingdom, jewelling the northeast of India. Definitely, it will also be your low budget international holiday! Also, there are no visa applications and waiting for three months to clear it. And, it is International! The moment you cross the border gate between India and Bhutan at Phuntsholing, there is a marked difference in everything! Compared to India, Bhutan is very clean and organized. The Indian side is dirty and chaotic. This is very unfortunate but is a fact which we have witnessed.
There are many ways to reach Bhutan- direct flights from India, enter from Assam, and enter from Sikkim. Omega Travels would suggest entry through Phuntsholing in Sikkim and drive down to Thimpu, the capital of Bhutan. There are plenty of taxis at this border town and many drivers compete to get clients, which gives the traveler a good bargaining edge. Also, the drivers help you with getting the visa stamp for a week’s free stay in Bhutan at the Phuntsholing Adminstrativre Office. Of course you would need a passport and a second identity proof. If you make friends with the taxi driver he can be of much help to you as a travel and local guide. The taxi drivers usually are very friendly and helpful. Further the drive to Thimpu is simply beautiful. It is lush green, very fresh air and the Bhutanese have somehow managed to preserve their mountains better than us. It is the same Himalayan range, but is fresher and greener and happier on the Bhutanese side.

Thimpu is amazing! It is a mountain city with a clear blue rive running along well built wide roads. Thimpu is a well developed cosmopolitan city amidst the beautiful blue green mountains and rivers. The people, especially the women are very good looking and very fashionable. It is a pretty sight to see the ladies dressed in their colourful traditional attire and going to work in the early hours of the day. Thimpu is best explored with walking down the footpaths along the streets which is common practice. There is no dust or dirt. The weather is fantastic and the shops are even better. You will find the latest fashions from China be it clothes or shoes, and at a price which you will never get in India. My best and most stylish sweaters and tops and shoes were bought in Bhutan. Ladies, be prepared to go crazy and make sure that you keep time for shopping in Thimpu! Besides apparel and shoes, there is also the beautiful bone china crockery that you get at amazing price! Shopping in Thimpu is endless and you just have to walk the streets and explore for yourself. As evening approaches the market place turns into fashion streets with youngsters socializing and hanging around. There are plenty of pubs and nightlife is very good.

Aside from the excitement, fun, and shopping, Bhutan is also a nature lover’s paradise. One can go for morning walks into the mountains and along the river as the roads wind along the mountain on one side and the river on the other side. It is an ideal place if you are looking to walk around and also lose a few inches.
Paro is another very popular tourist destination in Bhutan. It is famed for the Tiger’s Nest Monastery, the place where Guru Rinpoche brought Buddhism into Bhutan, arriving on the back of a tigress. It hangs on a cliff and stands above an enchanting forest of blue pines and rhododendrons. It is a walking trail up 900 metres which every Bhutanese wants to undertake at least once in his/her life. The view of the Paro valley from Tiger’s Nest is breathtaking, and the atmosphere very holy. It is an experience of a life time.
Bhutan is beautiful and exciting. It is perfect for a romantic getaway. It is also a nature lover’s delight and a trekker’s paradise. It is a shopaholic’s drug. And finally how can you ignore the spiritual charge of the Bhutanese Kingdom. It is an ancient land with deeply spiritual people, mostly Bhuddhists. There are more than 10,000 stupas and more than 2,000 monasteries in the kingdom. There are hermitages high above in sacred sites that are visited by hermits who meditate amidst deep nature. It is a worthwhile experience to trek up to the sacred monasteries situated high up in the mountains and contemplate here at the top of the world or just simply absorb in the peace, beauty and tranquility.
Omega Travels highly recommends a trip to Bhutan. It will satisfy the mind, body and soul!