Live the local Lifestyle

We believe the magic of travel lies mostly in creating long lasting memories after connecting with the locals and learning their lifestyle, we will make arrangements for you to really enjoy, together with a local expert, a unique lifestyle tours in different countries.
The purpose of our Lifestyle Tours is for travelers to understand how their lives would be in case they came to live in those local places. “Clients should have a greater understanding and sense of how people live in that particular town or city after the tour”.

You will stroll through the city wonderful old streets, visit a food market and possibly visit an artisan or architecture studio. You may also visit the hidden collection of the oldest Art Galleries. You will have time too, to learn about local languages and to sample local delicatessen and wines in a shop if possible.
This is a non-history-based tour, focusing on authentic experiences and a feeling of the true life of the people of different cities. In other words a Social Anthropological Tour.