We believe that every photo tour can become a life-changing adventure. And we are passionate about the photography tours that we create and the dreams which they fulfill in others.
Each Dream Photo Tour itinerary has been crafted from the ground up by experienced photographers, for photographers, with a focus on not only putting you in the right place at the perfect moment to capture stunning photographs, but also to offer unique life experiences.
Our tour leaders have decades of experience, not just as photographers, but also in leading photographic tours the world over and teaching photography techniques to every skill level of photographer—from excited beginners to veteran professionals, and everyone in between.
Each tour is diligently planned, researched and scouted for the unique photographic opportunities it offers. Some tours have a cultural focus, while others may primarily be wildlife, landscape or architectural photography—and some a mix of all of these genres combined. In each location, we work with experienced and knowledgeable local guides and drivers, passionate about their country and excited to share it with others.