Package Name: Cruise Holidays in Maldives

Cruise Holidays in Maldives are available in cruise liners and liveaboards. International cruise liners also operate cruise holidays. Liveaboards are like a moving and floating small resort island. Modern liveaboards in the Maldives boasts of all the facilities required for a luxurious holiday. These cruise vessels are known for their fine architecture and elegant design. A cruise holiday is an adventurous way to explore the myriad riches hidden underwater. Various water sports like scuba diving and indoor sports activities are organised by the liveaboards. Modern equipments, electricity, water, television, game rooms, room service and mouth watering delicacies, bars are all present to make your cruise holiday comfortable and exciting. Traverse through the enormous ocean and explore hundreds of uninhabited islands conserved in pristine condition. Visit the inhabited islands and immerse in the rich culture of the Maldivians.