Package Name: Enjoy a family holiday to Paris…

What is the most treasonable thing than having spent time with your family!!! Your children are your world and to the world showing a world is a real world, Isn’t. Than why not start with Paris. Paris is the most popular destinations across world among all ages.
Yes, it’s a fact, Kids do enjoy playing on tablets, hanging around beach resort with unlimited access to ice-creams. But, this is only true until you involve your kids to go on a real trip, until the moment they become a part of your plan and dream with you about the places you will see.
Let’s begin our journey with Eiffel tower one of the ‘Wonders of the World’, It is named after the engineer Gustave Eiffel, whose company designed and built the tower. The Eiffel Tower is the most visited tower in the world. Kids love the sight of the tower. Your biggest decision will be whether to take the stairs or the elevators. I would probably take stairs as the lines are shorter get a better sense of the structure of the tower. Visiting the tower at the end of your Paris visit can also be a good idea as kids will recognize different sites from around the city.
Having a food tour is a great fun with your family. The tours are especially helpful if you do them at the start of your stay as you’ll get loads of tips and recommendations on where to eat, shop, and explore. Kids love bike riding why not have a tour around the central Paris attractions. The ride will probably just last over 4 hours. Tours start from the Fat Tire main office (near the Eiffel Tower) where you’re fitted with a bike. Kids love park so your next stop should probably be a Luxembourg Garden, a beautiful park with a great playground, a fountain pond for sailing small wooden boats, a marionette theatre, an old fashioned carousel and many statue-lined paths to explore. A visit here will show how much you can miss about a city if you don’t have kids. This is the place to discover just what it is like to have a privileged Parisian childhood.

There is a lot to do and visit in Paris, you can visit Jardin des Plantes and Natural History Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral– A marvelously impressive building, you can easily spend a few hours walking in and around the church looking at the gargoyles, art work, gothic architecture, and intricate facade featuring biblical characters, Sacre Coeur – is yet another beautiful spot for a family evening stroll when the crowds have gone home and Sacre Coeur is lit by the moonlight. There are still other attractions such as Army Museum, Arc de Triomphe(a triumphal arch), Cite des Enfants and Cite des Sciences…
Than why not visit Paris. We offer the whole range of activities to discover the beautiful Paris. Come to Paris. We assure you to recreate the family bonding with this visit!!!!