Package Name: Europe biggest thrill- Silver star Roller Coaster

When the air hits your face, when the sky reflects in your eyes, think that you are on a ride. The ride which you have never taken before.
Those cries, yells, shrill and tears will take you to a different world. The world where your heart sinks with your thoughts and body with thousands of twinkles in the eyes. That’s exactly what happens when you are in this roller coaster which is 240 feet high with 220 feet drop…. Whoa! With three trains that can accommodate 108 ridders at one go. Yes, we are talking about Silver Star, which is the highest and biggest roller coaster in Europe, located inside the Europe park a theme park in Rust, Germany.
Let’s take a quick look at its creation
Start year: 2002
Maximum Speed : 130 km/h
Height : 73 m
Driving Time : 3 min.
Maximum Acceleration : 4 G
Capacity : 36 persons per train (108)
Theoretical Capacity : 1620 persons per hour
Producer : Bolliger & Mabillard
The ride that – spins, flips and rocks passengers in all directions for the ultimate stomach-churning effect.
This ride is as exciting and thrilling as it sounds. But some of you might be scared, for those I would say nothing gets scared when the scare gets in. Take a ride and experience yourself. Few pointers to remember to make the ride more an experience- Never look at the moving roller coaster while on the ride. Keep yourself engaged in the conversation, scream as much as you can and as loud as you can, this will definitely help to get rid of nauseous feeling in case you are feeling. Rest you know, as they say – Each man must ride the road of his own journey.