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Omega Study Abroad urges students to take a leap towards widening their horizons and experience a Study Abroad Educational cum Recreational Tour. Omega Study Abroad provides amazing educational tours and student trips based on a range of academic subjects. We can customize the tour anywhere in Europe and UK, incorporate many subjects and also cater to suit the educational level of the group of students. Omega Study Abroad can help organize educational tours and student trips to many European countries, including France, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Greece, Poland and the Czech Republic.
In addition to subject-related visits, workshops and guided tours, Omega Study Abroad also arranges sightseeing and accommodation options for groups, including centrally located hostels, hotels and apartments so that the tour is comprehensively educational, fun, informative and affordable..
Why take an educational trip to Europe?
Studying abroad can easily become one of the best decisions that a student can make in their educational career. Taking the leap and moving out of their comfort zone is threatening but definitely rewarding.
• Europe is home to some of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world
• Dramatic increase in your employ-ability score: with the job market becoming increasingly global, potential employers seek young people who have been exposed to the world in terms of education, career, language skills, multicultural experience and adjustment
• Exposure to international modules of study that is not available in one’s own country. Studying the same subject in a different way with a different teaching methodology can open a student’s mind to international practices, new perspectives and new skills in their chosen area of study
• Serve as an orientation experience to make a vital decision of investing in a post graduate study programme in Europe
• Self Development: Going abroad to learn and study can give students vital skills such as independence, open mindedness and increase in self confidence
• Making friends for life in different parts of the world and having an amazing fun experience with like- minded people. Taking an educational trip gives students an opportunity to meet people with similar study and career interests from different parts of the world and travel, learn and have fun together. It is a platform to make beautiful bonds at global level, a very rare opportunity!
• There are many cost-effective places to recruit and study in Europe. Omega Study Abroad helps you find an affordable program me in Europe .
Affordable European Study Tours
• Countries in Eastern Europe:.
Slovenia, Belarus and Ukraine all have few universities ranked in bands between 400 and 500 in the World University Rankings, and would cost students about £3,500 a year..

• Italy
• Spain
• Germany
• Denmark
• Czech Republic