Package Name: Evening Desert Safari in Dubai

They say that If you travel to the UAE you cannot possibly miss the Desert Safari adventure and experience. TravelsnTrips takes you through the magical evening ride into the desert along a setting sun , under the starlit skies and desert all around.
A four wheel land cruiser driven by a trained and skilled driver takes you against the dunes, twisting and turning, very thrilling and exciting akin to a roller coaster ride. Seat belts have to be tightly fastened. This is ‘dune bashing’ and highly enjoyed by tourists. As the roller coaster ride takes you up and down and sideways you see the sand dunes rising likes sea waves in front and it feels exhilarating! Then after a while you see only sand dunes all around, no vegetation, no earth, only sand. You feel the sand blow gently in the wind and see the wave formations on the slopes of the sand dunes. The land cruisers usually will stop at such location for amazing desert photo shooting with the sunset as the backdrop. This evening drive through the golden sand dunes of the dusk makes the desert safari a not to miss activity in Dubai.
After a thrilling dune bashing you arrive at a desert camp which is an enclosure with a square stage at the centre and low wooden tables kept around and low cushions known as majlis to sit on. Tourists can relax and listen to Arabic music, get acquainted with local desert lifestyle, taste their food, visit souvenir shops, enjoy henna applications, drink flavoured ‘sheesha’ or water pipe, go on camel rides or four wheeled motor bike rides, watch belly dancing and finally dig into a sumptuous Arabian meal under the stars! It is a rich cultural experience with amazing photos captured and the thrill to remember for a life time. TravelnTrips highly recommends the evening desert safari.

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