Package Name: GLOW: Inspiration through Travels

A wanderlust heart is an indication of the soul’s urge to embark on an inner revelatory spiritual journey.
Few passionate travelers, like Naiana and her experiences that speak about her inspiration to travel and to jump into the unknown with a lot of faith; to experience the goodness of people; to face situations and challenges, to navigate them and perceive the beauty of a destination. Her travels, even though fleeting moments in time, have led her inwards in an adventure into her heart.
Naiana is a trained Naturo-therapist who works in Sao Paulo, Brazil. She is also a certified Heartfulness trainer and a keen traveler. Her love of travel and her aspiration to find meaning in her life led her to the gates of the Heartfulness Center in the little town of Satkhol, high up in the Himalayas where she knocked on the door and asked the manager to teach her how to meditate. And the rest, as they say, is history…!
In her spare time she plays the flute, writes poetry and sings Portuguese songs and conducts concerts across Sao Paulo. She is a talented, versatile, inspirational and multi-faceted woman!
• An experience of Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation
• Inspiration for participants to be human of purpose and intent, and to believe in the goodness of the heart.
• Learning how to follow one’s intuition and to follow it without giving up.
Who should attend: Everybody across the globe who would love a hot cup of inspiration and who seek guidance to listen to the true calling of their heart!

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