Package Name: Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation in Nature!

In today’s fast paced world of deadlines, competition and politics who would not benefit from a little peace, quiet and relaxation? We all would. We all need breaks from our day-to-day work to recharge our batteries so that our efficiency quotient remains steady. Omega Travels brings to you a unique and rare opportunity to attune to your true inner self in the midst of Mother Nature. How? In order to cater to the increasing demand for peace and tranquility, we have collaborated with “Heartfulness Meditation” such that our clients can get to experience relaxation and a taste of meditation skills amidst the calming lap of Mother Nature. We will offer these sessions free of cost to groups/individuals in the most beautiful, pristine and handpicked spots that are sure to heal and renew your mind, body and soul. Moreover, you will go back with skills that will help you to connect with you inner nature which is a limitless reservoir of knowledge, power, love and peace. And these skills will surely and steadily improve every aspect of life be it professional or personal. So, hurry and book with us this special package – “Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation in Nature”.