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Package Name: Hot Air Balloon Rides In Tuscany

Price: Euro 250

Day: 2 Day

Night: 1 Night

Starting Month: Jan

End Month: Dec

Balloon Flights over Italy from beautiful locations in the Chianti region of Tuscany Florence, Siena and San Gimignano Join us on our hot air balloon rides over Tuscany. Take a balloon tour over Italy’s most beautiful rolling countryside and appreciate our 20 years of ballooning experience.
Chianti is the heartland of Tuscany—loved, feared, and fought over for 2,500 years. Its painters, poets, and philosophers inspired the Renaissance. To know Tuscany is to love it, and there is no better way to fall in love than in a hot air balloon! Grab the memory of a lifetime with a balloon ride with Chianti Ballooning. Visiting Tuscany is always a special experience. Click on the pictures to the left to learn more of the history of the sights you may see on your balloon flight over Tuscany. To help you find somewhere special to stay we suggest the following locations which are close to our balloon launch site at Tavarnelle Val Di Pesa.

Is a balloon flight safe?
Yes, very much so. Ballooning is the safest form of air travel. Your pilot will be a fully qualified Commercial Pilot with a wealth of experience. All flights are carried out in accordance with strict guidelines set out and monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority.
When do we fly?
We fly all year round at dawn and a few hours before sunset. We do this to avoid the hot thermic conditions that build up during the day.
Where will we go?
Well that is my favourite aspect of ballooning. You just don’t really know. Obviously we have forecasts which will give us a good indication, but we only really find out when we take off. Every flight is different.
How long will we be in the air?
You will be in the air for about an hour.
How involved can we be?
As much as you like. In fact during the balloon’s inflation you will be encouraged to get involved. It gives you a better understanding of the whole flight process and is part of the fun.
Is it cold up there?
Not really. Because we travel with the wind, it is often warmer in the air than on the ground. Certainly this can be the case in winter.
How long does it last?
You should allow three to three and a half hours for the whole experience.
What will I be able to see?
As we take off, you will be amazed at the 360° panoramic view. When we are drifting above the tree tops, you will be able to spot wildlife that sometimes doesn’t even realize you are there. As we climb higher you will be able to see the countryside pan out in front of your eyes. If we are lucky and conditions are right, we can be treated to the spectacle of clouds from close distance.
How high do we fly?
Low enough to pick pine cones from tree tops, and high enough to view the top of snow peaked mountains.
I am afraid of heights – should I go?
Unless heights put you in a state of panic, the answer is YES! We get many passengers who are uncomfortable with heights, and it does not bother them. Because they leave the ground so gradually and gently, they are often 1000 feet up and comfortable before they realize they have left the ground. Most passengers with a fear of heights feel a sense of accomplishment and say they would do it again.
How many people fit in the basket?
Balloons are of different dimensions. Generally they hold from 4 to 10 passengers up.
Is it windy in the balloon?
No. Because the balloon moves with the wind, the only time one will feel a breeze is if the balloon is going up or down or changing from one direction to another.
What if we get bad weather?
The flight is postponed until better weather conditions will allow the flight. The pilot gets all available weather information in order to determine if conditions are flyable or not.
How do we return to the launch field?
The trained crew will drive passengers back in one of our 4×4’s or minibuses.
Should I bring a camera?
Yes, Yes, Yes bring your camera, video camera and make sure they are fully charged!
What should I wear?
Dress with layers on top, long trousers, sturdy shoes comfortable for standing and walking, sunglasses, and a hat for those of you who are tall. We recommend you wear layers so you can peel them off as the sun begins warming things up.
Are there group rate discounts?

Contact us for group quotes; group discounts may or may not be available for the time you want to fly.
Do I need to make reservations?
Yes, we recommend making reservations as far in advance as possible, in order to give you the best service you deserve.

Package Details
6/8 pax Chianti breakfast 250 euro each one
Esclusive flight Basket reserve only for two with Champagne breakfast
Euro 850
We can organize the transportation the quotation is made on the place
where they are guested.

Inclusions :
1). The flight is for approximately one hour with a champagne celebration where we land. Which includes – sumptuous brunch, comprising traditional Tuscan “peasant” food and drink – nourishment of the soul.
2).Passengers can drive to our regular balloon flights take off site in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, or can be driven to the site by taxi or with a private driver that we can organize for you at an extra cost.
3). Our site is 35 kilometres south of Florence and 45 kilometres north of Siena.
4).The launch site varies from day to day depending upon the prevailing wind.
5).Passenger to call for a weather check 45 minutes before pickup time.

1). Air/Train fare
2). Anything not mentioned under the head inclusions.
3). Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary / stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health, road blocks and / or any factors beyond control.
4). The tariff does not include barbecue and activities.

Our hot air balloon flights over Tuscany last from 45 minutes to one and a half hours, during which, thanks also to smooth flying conditions, you may take the opportunity to shoot wonderful images of exclusively Tuscan landscape: admire the infamous terracotta “red-roofed” towns and follow the course of wild animals taking “flight” in the fields below… The first light of dawn creates the magic frame for the scene your eyes are observing.
While flying above you can listen to your pilot’s stories about the terrain and its history. At the end of the balloon tour, having landed you follow in the tradition of Hot Air Ballooning…..
Now to follow your Italian balloon flights experience comes a sumptuous brunch, comprising traditional Tuscan “peasant” food and drink – nourishment of the soul – you will have the opportunity to taste some products typical of the area just visited from “on high”, thus feasting not only eyes with the beauty of our magnificent land.