Package Name: One day trip from Pune to Alandi and Bhimashankar

On a January afternoon, we decided to drive to Alandi and Bhimashankar from Pune. I was always intruiged by Alandi as I had heard my stories of Sant Dnyaneshar, who lived there. Alandi is located on the banks of the Indrayani River, 25 km north of Pune. It has an average elevation of 577 metres (1,893 feet). Saint Dnyaneshar after translating the Bhagavat Gita into Marathi attained Samadhi under the Siddheshwar temple in Alandi. A temple complex has been built near the spot of Sant Dnyaneshar ‘s samadhi. It is visited by hundreds thousands of pilgrims. It was like any other temple complex, lot of people, small shacks selling flowers, fruits, and Prasad items. There was an impressive ghat with wide steps leading to the river. What I cherished the most was the energy inside the temple complex and I remember slipping into meditation very easily. The temple was made of black stone like all ancient temple structures.
After Alandi we headed towards Bhimashankar. The drive was simply beautiful. It was a hilly terrain and the beauty of the Western Ghats came alive. These are almost unspoilt and virgin areas and very few cars are seen on these roads. Even though we were on a pilgrimage trip but one can’t help noticing the romantic ride through the rolling hills and lakes and fresh hill air! It took us about 1 hour 45 minutes to reach Bhimashankar. Bhimashankar is tucked in the comparatively dense green forest away from civilization. After all Lord Mahadev has to be away from the ordinary hustle and bustle of life in a sacred and secret spot. The journey seemed endless, hills after hills and no sign of Bhimashankar. But finally we found Him! It was a dense green forest, full of monkeys! Steps took us down through the forest into the temple. This was a special place, which I felt and cannot express in words. It has to be experienced as and when He calls us. Om Namah Shivai!

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