Package Name: Popular Local Food of Goa

Starting Month: Jan

End Month: Jan

Goa is the land of seafood and the Goan fish curry and rice is a must try for anybody travelling to Goa. TravelsnTrips will take you to a fantastic local economical and yet a very tasty food journey which comprise of fish, pork and chicken…a non-vegetarian delight.
1) Fish Curry and Rice
This coconut based spicy orange fish curry with plain rice is the topmost on the list. Kokumknown for its medicinaland cooling properties gives the curry its sourness.
2) Fish Recheado
Recheado means stuffed in Portuguese and in this preparation you get shallow fried mackkeral or pomfret which is stuffed with a spicy red paste. Mackerel Recheado is one of Goa’s most famous dishes and has to be tried!.
3) Prawn Balchao
The traditional Balchao is a paste made from dried shrimp and feni which is added to fresh prawns, onion, spices and oil. Balchao is often bottled and eaten as an accompaniment in meals.
– Pork
Pork is a popular meat available in Goa and is widely popular among the Christian community and is in the main dishes of any festival or celebration. Vindaloo and Sorpotel are among the most famous pork dishes of Goa along with their spicy chourico sausages.
4) Pork Vindaloo
It is a spicy concoction, lots of red chilies, garlic, cooked with chunks of pork, Goa vinegar, and hard palm jaggery and is best enjoyed with plain boiled rice. TravelnTrips strongly recommends it.
5) Sorpotel
Sorpotel is prepared from pork, liver,and kidney, all of which are diced and cooked in a thick and very spicy sauce and has a nice juicy, meaty and tangy taste. It goes well with bread.
6) Chouricos (Spicy Goan Sausages)
Chouricos are spicy pork sausages, which owe more than a passing debt to Portuguese culinary traditions. Goan sausages are prepared used well salted and spiced cubes of pork. Once they have been made, the strings of sausages are dried in the sun and then hung above the fire where they are gradually smoked.
– Chicken
Chicken in Goa is prepared in different sauces or dry fried with spices.
7) Chicken Cafreal
A Goan dish of tribal origin is cafreal. It was named after the African soldiers or Kaffirs who brought it to Goa centuries ago. Chicken Cafrel is a shallow fried spicy chicken dish with the sauce tasting like peri-peri sauce.
8) Chicken Xacuti
TravelsnTrips highly recommends Chicken Xacuti to people who prefer a spicy chicken preparation.

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